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  • How many days does it take to prepare an Estate Sale?

     The set up time varies from home to home. When we arrange your FREE in home consultation, we asses the size team needed to properly prepare your sale and the time it will take. Generally, we allow 5-10 days to properly prepare your sale for success. Click HERE to schedule your FREE in home consultation.

  • Are you Bonded & Insured?

     YES! We believe that it is imperative that we have our clients best in mind when working on their behalf hosting their own professional estate sale. The bonding protects you by solidifying that we will do what we said we will do. The insurance protects you from any damages that could occur during the process of the sale. (This has never happened to us). We run a very professional service and respect your home and contents throughout the entire process.

  • How long until we are paid?

     We say that we allow 7-10 days after the sale to get a check to you. However, that is only there to protect you if we run into a payment not clearing in time. If that is the case, we address it and make sure you are taken care of. Generally, we have checks to our clients within a few days after the sale has closed.

  • Do you have an appraiser on staff or access to one?

     YES & YES! We do have an excellent, well informed appraiser on staff ready to serve you. We also have access to many other specialty appraisers that we have worked closely with and trust.

  • How many people will be staffed at the sale?

     When you Click HERE to schedule your FREE in home consultation we will be able to asses the needs of your sale and how many staff it will take to host a professional & well run estate sale.

  • How will my home be left after the sale?

     Your home will be empty, and it will be broom and vacuumed swept.

  • Do you charge sales tax?

     NO. The State of Ohio has exemptions for estate sale companies so that we are not required to charge sales tax.

  • Do you have a contract?

     YES! We believe it is important for your protection that we have a contract in place explaining what we will do and how we will do it.

  • Do you allow buyers in before the sale?

     NO. We believe it is important to maintain the integrity of the sale by facilitating a first come first serve basis on the days that we are open.

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Wade Estate Liquidators
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